ViPR Exercises and ViPR Workout Video


ViPR exercises combine strength training and perform a great workout tool. Check out the ViPR exercises video to help your exercise workout.

ViPR exercises and ViPR physical exercise programs are meant to increase strength, speed, coordination, cardiovascular, muscular endurance and flexibility within muscle groups.

Combining one of the most versatile pieces of equipment, the ViPR bar piece of gym equipment is ideal for the home or gym and can fit into any small or large space.

With a massive range of ViPR exercises and workouts in a large exercise library you can mix a high intensity workout and make it fun! Training with a great piece of equipment will keep you motivated due to the amount of exercises you can create or develop with the unique everyday movement.

ViPR bar exercises include the ViPR farmers lift, ViPR squat pops, ViPR cylinder lifts and lots of great warm up exercises. Check out the ViPR exercises video for some great hints and tips.

ViPR Exercises for Personal Trainers

Personal trainers continually use the ViPR bar for training and client exercises due to the versatility of the equipment. The ViPR workout is great for raising the heart rate and for personal training ViPR boot camps or getting on fitness sessions.

With the proper preparation and correct ViPR training together with strengthening your hamstrings, quadriceps, back and core. You won’t need to risk injury or suffer from the same old aches and pains.

Get Versatility with lots of Exercises with ViPR

ViPR exercises combine an array of exercises for all levels of fitness you can join a class that uses different bars and weights to create a great intense kinesis workout for everyone to enjoy.

What is ViPR?

ViPR stands for Vitality, Performance, Reconditioning. It builds agile strength by combining whole body movement patterns with load, using Loaded Movement Training. This allows for increases natural body movement and increasing coordination.

This exercise video demonstrates some useful learning ViPR exercises for a range of movements and exercises.

Always refer to your doctor before starting an intense ViPR exercise program or consult a personal trainer.

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