How to Make Money To Fund Your Fitness


Getonfitness will show you some of the best ways online to make money in your spare time whilst trying to fund your latest fitness equipment, supplements, fitness memberships. Even if you’re saving up for the latest gadgets you can find ways to make money based on our own to get on the fitness trail experience.

We’ll keep adding new ways to make money to this money making fitness page so go ahead and bookmark it. Please share and also add your own ideas in the comments. If you find anything new or have funded your fitness habits. The Getonfitness team will add it to the list!


  1. Make some money switching to a new bank account?

Fund that new heart rate monitor by switching to a new bank.  All banks are always trying ways to offer better accounts in the banking market some will even offer you money to switch. This is usually between £100 and £150, but sometimes total bonuses throughout the account you can earn upto as much as £200! New apple watch sorted then! Always do your research on the bank account to see if it’s right for you.


  1. Sell Your Old Fitness Items on Ebay to Make Money Online

If you have old items that you’re not using anymore, then sell them on shopping sites such as eBay. Scan around to see what prices you can get. It can range from anything from old gym clothes to general items in your house that are just not used or collecting dust. Always make sure you get a proof of delivery and work out your postage before listing items online. If you’re unsure read all the help guides on the internet.


  1. Sell Your Old Fitness DVD’s or CD, Games, Movies for Extra Cash

Fund your new gym floor by getting rid of your old cd’s, games, movies and more by selling them on. You can earn money for your old items from 10p up to £20-30!

Compare the sellers online and type in your barcodes to find the best prices for your items.  Postage to send the items is usually free but make you get an itemised list and take some photos of your items before you send them. It would be a good idea to get proof of delivery once you have done this.

If you find any other sites that have good rates drop them in the comments and we can add them to the list.

You’ll then get paid either by PayPal, Cheque or Bank Transfer. Easy money for that new gym bench you always wanted!


  1. Recycle Your Used and Old Printer Ink Cartridges For Cash

Printer ink cartridges are always in demand and known for being expensive. There are lots of recycling companies that will recycle ink cartridges and give you cash for doing so. Some cartridge recycling schemes will give you vouchers. That’s all preference for where your buying your new fitness gear from or supplements with your new cash.

Some recycling ink cartridge sites will pay up to £4 for your cartridges and there are some new recycled toner cartridge sites that may take your cartridges to add to your total.

Always check back to the comments or share if you have found a good recycling site.  Most of the time it’s ink cartridges that can be re-manufactured that will get you the most money. Always check the lists on the websites for recycling ink cartridges first before you post again more often than not this is free.


  1. Recycle your old mobile for Cash

Don’t leave your mobile at home and in a box once you have a new one. Cash in while you can and get some money to fund your fitness exploits. Some mobiles can get up to £400. Even if it’s an old mobile you may even get £20-30 for it. An easy month’s supply of musclefood!


  1. Use Cashback sites to claim money for items that you’re buying anyway for some free cash.

Everyday items can be purchased through cashback sites such as quidco, topcashback and more by buying services, shopping or household items. Just Sign up and keep an eye out for deals.

Sometimes cashback and take from a week to a month to come through but you can then get it paid into your bank and start buying that nice set of new dumbbells or pull up bar through the cashback site to spend your free cash! will continue to add the make money list to help you fund your gym habits and supplements to help earn that extra money online which could just be sitting in your home.

Don’t forget to add comments to the extra money list to help all the readers to make some money to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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