How Weight Loss can be Achieved by Running


Running is great as part of a long term weight loss, the equipment you need to run is simple and you can do it anywhere you want.

By running around 3-4 times a week you will notice that you enjoy it more and it becomes part of your daily life. Running doesn’t have to take up a lot of time and you will find that time will pass by a lot quicker by running outdoors than if you were at the gym on a treadmill.

You can monitor your running progress and estimated calorie burn by using apps for your smartphone which can also aid weight loss by counting your calories and giving you goals to set, by showing you how much calories your taking in.

Sometimes you may not feel like running, but you have to set yourself both short and long terms goals, like knocking a minute off your 5K, losing 1lb a week.


Change your running work outs using techniques like interval training, sprint training and longer runs, to mix up what your running is. By keeping your body guessing you’ll burn more calories as your utilising different muscles and areas of the body. Incorporate some hills into your running and different gradients, run your route backwards to change it up, all these things can contribute to burning more calories.


-Fat Burning Runs

-Sprint Intervals

-Strength Training


Remember when you’re running if you’re not losing weight as quick as expected, when not take some extra measurements from your waist and legs, you’ll see that your becoming more tones and losing the fat, so you can fit into that pair of jeans, as muscle is denser than fat losing body fat percentage.


In order to lose weight you need to try and create a deficit of how much calories you intake to how much your body uses, by using running as both a hobby and a weight loss tool you’ll find that you continue it for longer.

Combining your running with weight loss is not a simple tasks one of the ways to increase the way that you loss the weight you need is to combine running with healthy eating. If you think you’re taking to bigger portions then see what size portions you should be eating for weight loss and a healthy balanced diet.


By combining all these elements you’ll soon see how running can help with weight loss and you’ll start to feel healthier and more confident. Check out the other articles on running and weight loss at

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