How to Train to Improve Your 5K Running Time


Improving your 5K running time comes from the need to progress with your running and beat your previous running times. Improving your 5K time makes your feel that you’re progressing with your training. offers some running tips to help improve your 5K time.

Improve Your Endurance Running

One of the simplest ways to improve your 5K time is to try and improve your endurance levels at a longer running distance, so basically improve your 10K time. If you’re not able to run 10K yet, build up gradually over a period of a month and complete one long 10K run at a slower pace to what you would run your 5K.

Running Up Inclines To Improve Your Time

Incline running can help improve your 5K time on the very running principle that nowhere is ever flat. If you’re completing your training on a treadmill, by running at a 0% gradient you won’t improve as much as you would alternating gradients over the period of the run as a very minimum you should always run on the treadmill at 2% gradient, to replicate outside uneven terrain. By running outside and up hills you’re increasing both your speed and endurance levels, so when you come to flatter.

Improve your 5K Time with Speed Training

Speed in your running can often be one of the key factors in improving your 5K running times. Incorporate speed sessions into a run, to make you accelerate as a form of interval training. So for example you make either just run 3k but at a faster 5K pace, or alternate your 5K with quicker a pace for 1K then a slower pace for the following kilometre of your run and alternating, always starting with the slower 1K to help warm you up.

Alternate speed work to help improve your 5K time can come in short bursts build up during your session by jogging, then get up to a good sprint for around 100m or 15-20 seconds then ease it back down. By improving your basic speed, you can increase your slow twitch fibres and give your body that extra speed to bring your 5K time down.

Warm up are always important when running to prevent the risk of injury and also help the body perform better throughout the run. Warming up can also improve your 5K running time by allowing you to perform more sessions throughout the week.

Warm Up and Cool Down To Prevent Injury

When putting your body through bigger running workout to improve your 5K time, you need to make sure that as well as warming up, you also need to cool down after exercise. Once you have finished your run make sure you continue running, jogging and even combine some ballistic or on the move stretching to aid your recovery long term.

One of the other considerations to help improve your time would be to look at your diet and nutrition. Making sure you eat the right foods to help you train properly and perform on race days could save minutes. By knocking some lbs off your weight may give you the ability to shift your body a bit faster. By incorporating a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, with your vitamins and minerals, not only will you feel better and have more energy on a healthy balanced diet, you’ll improve your 5K time.

Improve Your Race Pace to Improve Your 5K Time

Finally, to improve your 5K time, once you have mastered these training principles, you need to improve your actual race pace. If your trying to get under 8 minute miles then you have to be able to run under 8 minute miles for the duration of 5K, so test yourself. The body is an interesting piece of work and can adapt and build up. With every training session you take on, your body will tell you you’re limits. If you keep on training your time will come down, even by doing 3-4 sessions a week, you’ll see your 5K running time, come down by seconds.

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