How to Make a Perfect Smoothie


Making a perfect smoothie is very simple and doesn’t need much technical knowledge, just the right ingredients and instruments. Smoothies and shakes are perfect for a quick and easy treat when you’re on the move and ready to go. Smoothies are good for adding those extra calories that you need after a workout, or creating a healthy alternative in your weight loss diet. The good thing about making the perfect smoothie is that it’s so simple you can do it at home.


Buy a Quality Blender for your Smoothie

Make sure you have a good blender to start with, this will help in making a better tasting smoothie and also to keep the pulp from storing at the bottom of the blender. Depending on how many times a day you use your smoothie blender, don’t be surprised if you buy a smoothie blender and the motor burns out. Check the reviews on the blender before you buy it; this will help to guide you.


A Perfect Smoothie Needs Liquid

Making the perfect smoothie starts off with the base, Liquid. 1-2 cups of liquid will be more than enough for your smoothie; you can add this from a variety of sources depending on your needs. Liquid bases such as water, milk, tea, coffee are some good recommendations.

If you want to lower the fat intake then head towards milk such as almond or coconut milk, green tea can give you that great caffeine boost as well and tastes pretty good. By adding your liquid base in your smoothie first you have saving the blades in your blender and make them last longer.


Freeze Your Smoothie With Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

Most people to make the perfect smoothie add ice as a quick fix to make it taste fresher and we also prefer a chilled smoothie. However this can ruin the blades in your blender. Try freezing your fruit and vegetables which helps you by not having to add ice to your smoothie.

For items such as bananas, slice them up add a touch of lemon juice and freeze to maintain them, you can pretty much freeze anything if you’re making a smoothie, keep an eye out for smoothie packs and offers available. Remember to much frozen food to liquid will make your smoothie into more of a thick shake or sorbet so be careful and check you ratios. Experimenting is part of the fun getting your perfect smoothie right.


Finish Your Perfect Smoothie with Experimental Ingredients and Protein

Part of the fun of making a smoothie is experimenting with new flavours and ingredients. You can add protein to your smoothie to bump up the content with your protein powder or peanut butter, or if you’re looking to slim down add in avocado, coconut milk and lime to keep the fat content low and using natural sugars.


How to make a perfect smoothie:

  • Buy a quality blender
  • Add 1-2 cups of liquid
  • Add frozen fruit ingredients
  • Experiment, with vegetables and fruit
  • Add in your protein, peanut butter and spices like cinnamon

Make sure you make sure all your smoothie is blended and give it a quick stir before you use it and drink immediately for best results. For more health and fitness smoothie articles and recipes look at

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