Easy Ways to Burn 100 calories with Exercises


Try Easy ways to burn 100 calories. You can burn significant calories quickly and easily without a gym or equipment. Find out how you can calorie burn.

How much exercise do we need to burn calories? Everything that is done daily burns calories. Things like breathing, resting, standing, movement and even eating. You may be astounded by how much movement or exercise you will need to do to create that calorie-burning goal of just 100 calories.

Getonfitness have assembled some easy ways to approach burning 100 calories. From standard activities you do at the gym, which you can do anywhere, to regular tasks around the house. Burning 100 calories just got very easy in only a couple short minutes of your day.

What does it take to burn only 100 calories?

All exercising or general movement and its intensities are different, depending on how hard you work and for how long. The quantity of calories you burn while exercising is specifically identified with your heart rate, which the reason is following your activity with a heart rate monitor is the most precise method for staying informed regarding your calorie burn.
Heart rate additionally relies on upon different factors like your height, age, weight and sex. However, some less intense activity may not count as part of your workout, but they still provide health benefits and burn extra calories. After all, the less sitting you do, the better!

Generally all these easy calorie burning exercises are under 20 minutes. Checking calories that have been burned will be determined by how much energy is applied, the harder you work the more you will burn and a lot more quickly. There are so many ways you can burn calories quickly, even when you don’t have time to get your general fitness exercises in. Remember, any fitness you can do is better than no fitness at all! You can get a quick workout in every day to easily burn 100 calories.
Remember all our values are estimates, to get a better reading have a look at a heart rate monitor. At Getonfitness we use the Polar Heart Rate monitor:

Household Work or Daily Jobs that Burn 100 Calories

20 minutes mowing the lawn
20 minutes washing the car
20 minutes general garden duties such as weeding
40 minutes cleaning around the house
40 minutes shopping and carrying your basket and bags

Burn 100 Calories with Workouts at the Gym or Home

20 minutes of cycling or a bike ride
15 minutes of a dance video or gym class
10 minutes using a skipping rope
15 minutes weight training using dumbbell and barbells
10 minutes using a rowing machine or with a rowing club
10 minutes running up and down the stairs or a hill climb
10 minutes of running at a moderate intensity
15 minutes moderate intensity swimming
20 minutes of walking either to the shops or round your neighbourhood

Sports and Leisure Calorie Burning Activities

20 minutes dancing around the living room
20 minutes using the WiiFit or a fitness app or game
15 minutes playing golf and carrying your clubs
15 minutes playing football
20 minutes of moderate intensity sporting activities

There are many more easy ways to burn 100 calories. You can even combine the daily exercises or add your own to the list and keep active. All exercise is better with friends, which helps you keep active and motivated. All the exercises depend on how much effort that you put in and your heart rate, remember to use a heart rate monitor and combine the exercises with some health and fitness apps which Getonfitness have done the hard work for you, so check out the article.
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