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Check your BMI using this BMI calculator and measurements. The BMI chart will give you a guideline of your body mass index in seconds in order to asses your general health and health risks.

BMI chart calculators allow you to be able to calculate your BMI.  BMI stands for body mass index which can give you a guideline as part of a number of weight and health related assessments.

Body Mass Index (BMI) offers a simple and quick guide to assess a healthy weight range for your height, weight, sex and age.

Check out the BMI chart which is a BMI calculator to offer you some insight into your personal target weight. BMI charts or calculators can offers a form of measurements which can be used alongside other tools to determine if a person might be underweight, of normal weight, overweight or obese.

How to use the BMI Calculator

The BMI calculator is simple to use. You just need to know your age, height (metric or imperial), weight (metric or imperial). The data is organised into a simple easy to read guideline BMI calculator.

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What do BMI Calculator and BMI Chart Results Mean?

Sometimes BMI calculator and guides may not be accurate. This comes alongside athletes that are fit and have high muscle mass or pregnant women or people under 18. For more information contact a health professional.

Used correctly and with other tools the BMI can be useful as a guidline. BMI and body fat can be dependent on sex, race and age.

Measured at the same level on BMI level, men can tend to have a proportion of less body fat than women. While on average older people can generally have more body fat than younger adults.

In regard to measuring body fat, there are two other measurements that are used and can be recommended for checking the the risk of disease. BMI used a a guideline is only one factor that can be used to assess this risk.

General guidelines used from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institutes are recommended to also asses looking at waist circumference and measurements. Abdominal fat can also be an indication of leading to obesity-related diseases. Other forms of risk factors associated with obesity can be assessed by measurements such as physical inactivity and high blood pressure.

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