5 Fitness & Running Techniques to Enhance Your Workout


Are you looking to mix up your fitness workout? Getonfitness.com are going to show you a couple of running and fitness techniques for making an exceptional treadmill workout and adding in some variations to your fitness regime. Workouts on treadmills or running and exercise machines can be as exhausting as you want to make it!

Start slow and make steady progress you can make your treadmill workout as trying as you would like. In any case, before you start any exercise or fitness program always counsel your specialist first to check whether you are suitable for any type of workout if you’re unsure. Most gyms have a fitness trainer who can help with any programs you want to start.

Running with Dumbbells or Hand Weights on the Running Machine

Start by picking an easy weight to use maybe at around 3-7 pounds (1-4 kgs) and have a go at raising and bringing down the dumbbell weights as you walk for a warm up, just to make sure you can still move freely. Before the end of your warm up, you will have given your upper and lower body a decent treadmill workout, by combining both upper body and lower body muscles in the workout you are increasing the number of calories burnt whilst toning up and building muscle.

Once your happy and comfortable with your technique so that you can walk with the dumbbells during your fitness running machine workout, try and pick up the pace to help incorporate it into your normal treadmill workout, but careful not to pick up to heavy weights as this will affect the length of your workout. You can also use Velcro weight straps or a weighted vest to help with building strength whilst running.

Walking on Heels and Toes on the Treadmill

This treadmill fitness running workout variation is ideally for either a warm up or cool down as part of your running workout session. Start by lowering the pace to a steady walk then raise to your tiptoes for 30 seconds, after that then relax back to normal. You can then add in arm stretching with going on your tip toes by joining hands and extending them above your head. These exercises will help to work your lower legs and gluteus. If used with a warm up or cool down it can be very beneficial for your recovery.

Walk Backwards on a Running Machine or Cross Trainer

Walking backwards can be quite difficult to start with, along with a cross trainer which is slightly easier to do. Strolling in reverse uses different muscles and can vary your workout and shock your body helping your burn more calories and build your leg. Again like the first point including weights in you work out will also help.

A decent running workout treadmill variation would be for example in a 20 minute running workout start with a forward facing warm up for 5 minutes, then alternate going forwards and backwards every 5 minutes for a complete variation.

Running Using Interval Training

Running using interval training can help push the body that little bit further and burn those extra calories during your fitness workout. For this interval training preparation begin with a good warm up and then increase the intervals and rest periods in between intervals to mix it up with the body. This is easier to do on a treadmill and can add in some great variations to your treadmill running workout. An example of an interval training workout could take around 20 minutes.

Begin with a warm up for 5 minutes and then use either 1 or 2 minutes intervals for the rest of the workout. Pick your normal level or speed on the treadmill that is just slightly above your normal comfort zone. For each interval after the warm up go one further each side of that mark, so in theory your speed gets quicker but your get a better recovery. For example if I was running at level 7, my first interval would start at level 7 for 1 minute, then drop back to level 6 for 1 minute, the next interval would then go up the level 8 and then drop back to level 5 and so forth.

Again do this running workout gradually and to your means, so if you build up gradually you’ll notice you will get a lot better hitting the intervals. Interval training is a great calorie and fat burner.

Running at Incline Intervals on the Treadmill

Incline interval training is exactly like interval training however you can incorporate inclines instead of changing the speed. Again build up gradually but start to increase and change the incline at different stages, you can pick your interval, but for a 20 minute workout you can increase and decrease the inclines every 2-3 minutes after a 5 minute warm up.

The ultimate workout here is incorporating both incline and interval training into your treadmill running workout, this is not for the faint hearted. You will increase your leg strength and burn a lot more calories by adding in variations and combinations, make up your own workout to test yourself.

Using Running as Part of a Workout and Fitness Program

A treadmill exercise system is best for individuals who want to exercise at home or for the occupied individual that has next to no time available. They can straightforwardly hop on to a treadmill to guarantee that they get some exercise, or put on some trainers and go outside.

The treadmill is as good as if not better than other exercise machines utilized in the gym as it is exceptionally useful to losing additional weight and burning calories. In a treadmill exercise program you can use a variety of exercises with running which runs from sprinting, strolling, moderate to quick running all dependant on the individual.
The accommodation of a treadmill exercise system is such that the individual utilizing it can do as such at the pace of his or her own picking and in addition keep up a general strolling project. In the first place, the treadmill exercise system may be of just five to ten minutes length of time and it might likewise have a warm up and cool-down period to guarantee that no wounds are managed, as with some other type of physical movement. You will be surprised at how quickly you can progress with regular running. For more information about getonfitness fitness running articles check out the website.

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